Thanksgiving is a special time of year when friends and family join together to celebrate their relationships and the many things that give them joy and happiness. When you choose to host a Thanksgiving meal, you take on the responsibility of fostering a time of celebration through the gift of cooking. When it comes to choosing the perfect wines and spirits to pair with your Thanksgiving dessert, you want to honor the effort that has gone into the rest of the meal and provide something that is going to excite your guests’ palates after a hearty, love-filled meal.

In today’s blog, Northstar Liquor Superstore in Johnstown will examine the best wine and spirits — as well as one special beer — that you should strongly consider to wow your guests during the traditional post-meal slice of pumpkin pie. To find the perfect brand of the following wines and spirits for your holiday meals, visit us or contact us online and talk to one of our wine, beer, or liquor experts.

Sweet Riesling Wine

Common wine wisdom dictates that sweet foods should be paired with sweet wines that complement their flavor. When it comes to pumpkin pie, one can’t go far wrong when choosing a sweet Riesling wine. Riesling wines are traditionally French white wines that display floral characteristics and a nice level of acidity. They will augment the richness of your homemade or store-bought pumpkin pie — especially if you like to top it with a nice, heavy whipping cream.

A Nice Tawny Port

Port wines are a special breed of wine. They are exclusively made in the Duoro Valley of Portugal and are made from distilled grape spirits. As a fortified wine, they tend to have a much higher alcohol content than their traditionally fermented cousins, providing them with a slightly more resinous and sweet profile. Tawny ports, specifically, come from an older vintage of grapes and are more golden amber than ruby red like other ports. Their inherent sweetness and flavors that come from the barreling of a good Tawny Port make it an excellent choice for most desserts.

The Right Barleywine

Despite its name, Barleywine isn’t actually a wine — it is a very strong form of beer. Barleywines have grown in popularity in recent years, so you should find them readily available. They tend to be higher in alcohol content than many other beers and have a strong backbone of sweet, warm germinated grain flavors. These are an alarmingly good pairing with a spice-rich pumpkin pie. One note of caution — some companies create barleywines that lean towards a strong hop profile. Keep your distance from these as dessert beers and instead ask for a traditional barleywine of one that has been aged in bourbon barrels from which you can expect strong oak and vanilla flavors.

A Sweet, Dark Spiced Rum

For guests that like a little mischief and adventure, there is no better pairing for a Thanksgiving pumpkin pie than a sweet, dark rum. These tobacco and molasses-rich spirits will bring out the best in your harvest pie’s flavor and are almost certain to surprise and delight your guests. Serve your dark spiced rum at room temperate, not cold, in a shot glass or snifter and sip from it as opposed to shooting it.

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When trying to decide on the best possible pairings of wine and spirits for your holiday meals, save yourself the time and the trouble and visit the experts at Northstar Liquors in Johnstown, or contact us online. Our well-educated staff can lead you to the perfect brands and labels among our thousands of unbeatable priced in-store offerings. We look forward to helping you put on a Thanksgiving feast that is worthy of the people you love.