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Posts by Krissy Highland

Style Guide Series: Pilsner

Pilsner is one of those classic beer styles that has roots so far back in brewing history that many people actually aren’t 100 percent certain exactly where it came from or who brewed it first. Its storied past will best be explored with a fine cold lagered Pilsner in hand (we recommend Pilsner-Urquell, and you’ll…

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Style Guide: Porters

Porters represent a small portion of the overall brewing market but are beloved by those who enjoy dark, roasty beers that are great for cold winter nights, and that drink like a meal. They were the first industrial-scale brewed beers and were wildly popular across Europe for their flavor and alcohol content for many years.…

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Style Guide Series: IPAs

The India Pale Ale, or IPA as it has become widely known, dates back all the way to the 1700s, but also helped to usher in the craft beer movement in the United States as recently as the early 2000s. With such a long and storied past, the IPA surely deserves the inaugural post in…

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How To Buy Wine For Your Christmas Party

With the colder days setting in and the end of the year approaching, people all across the country are preparing homes, offices, and venues for holiday parties, and we would love to help. Here at Northstar Liquor Superstore — your local wine store in Johnstown — we enjoy helping people find the perfect beverages for…

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The Best Wines and Spirits To Pair With Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving is a special time of year when friends and family join together to celebrate their relationships and the many things that give them joy and happiness. When you choose to host a Thanksgiving meal, you take on the responsibility of fostering a time of celebration through the gift of cooking. When it comes to…

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Holiday Wine Pairings For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of year when friends and family gather around a lovingly prepared meal, enjoy an evening together, and recall all of the things in our lives that we have to be grateful for. It is a wonderful time for everyone attending your holiday meal. However, if you are the one has who…

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