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We believe that for every day, for every season, and for every person, there is a beer.

Whether you love the cold, crisp sensation of an American style Pilsner like Coors or Budweiser, or want to explore the range of what Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus can do when carefully managed or left to their own devices, we have a beer for you.

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From amber ales to IPAs, from blondes to browns — and every hoppy, malty, sudsy brew in between — we’re big fans of beer. However, with every season having its style and every region its go-to favorites, choosing the right beer for the occasion can get to be more than a little confusing, even for those that consider themselves to be enthusiasts and aficionados. That’s why we hunt down and hire only those beer fans that can prove their brew knowledge and make sure that when you visit our beer store you have the information you need to make the right choice every time.

When you visit Northstar Liquor Superstore looking for a new stout to enjoy on a fall evening, or for a limited release by your favorite local brewery, we can deftly guide you towards those that will suit your fancy without breaking the budget. Staffed with some of the friendliest connoisseurs in Northern Colorado, the Northstar team wants to be your trusted source for beer.


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Curated Beer Tastings

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Worldwide Selections

Finally, housed in cutting-edge beer refrigerators, our beer selection is kept at the perfect temperatures for true drinkability. With hundreds of choices that rotate throughout the year, we promise cold, tasty and fresh beer from Colorado’s breweries as well as those from the most successful and innovative craft and artisanal breweries worldwide. You can try new beers before buying at one of our curated beer tastings or have them delivered straight to your doorstep with our local beer delivery service. Find old favorites and discover new ones at Northstar, your new headquarters for beer.

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